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Nufleur™ Contemporary Minimal Freehand Vase Designs

Sessions: 16 x 3 levels

"Nufleur" design concept emphasize on simplicity and impressiveness in design. It is developed from the French contemporary minimalists.

The unique design styles result in a radical application of flower and foliages away from the classics. "Nufleur" is just a "Nu" (new) trend on its own.
No strict rules but defined unusual techniques are introduced in this course in detail. Inspiration comes from the use of different material application techniques. Students are trained to design according to the characteristics of specific flower and foliages in a practical, but yet unique, minmal way.

Always new and refreshing striking designs are the key ideas of "Nufleur". This course concentrate on vase designs. Flowers and foliages can be fixed in any kind of container you have.
All the designs do not need the oasis and students are taught how to fix the design skillfully in so many techniques as stem support, foliage focus, floating, leaf-wrapping, binding, linking, etc.

Who can take this course: Home lovers, hobbyists, interior designers, florists commercial displays, Party decorators, hotel floral staff, etc.

Remarks & FAQ:This course emphasize on contemporary designs. The techniques and approaches used are completely different from that in course WS3. You are recommended to take WS3 first for important hands-on freehand arrangement foundations.