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Nufleur™ Innovative Minimal Structural Designs

Sessions: 16 x 3 levels

Development of "Nufleur" structural designs originated from Ikebanish & German structural designs, but yet it is a new French trendy style on its own.
It's really enjoyable to work on the "craft" and "architecture" building on flowers, stems and foliages, and some other unexpected materials.
It looks simple and clean, but special skills and techniques are needed to have it "built".

This course gives you refreshing ideas and new approach to structural floral designs. You can have your floral structures lightly hanging down from the ceiling or on walls, or put it on the floor at your living room or just on the bay windows, just usable anywhere !

Different techniques like rafting, scaffolding, weaving, sequencing, wrapping, veiling, braiding, etc. will be covered.    

Who can take this course: Home lovers, hobbyists, interior designers, florists commercial displays, party floral decorators, hotel florists, etc.

Remarks & FAQ:Basic flower arrangement knowledge is needed for those enrolling in this course.