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Nufleur™ Garden & Greenery Floral Designs

Sessions: 12 x 2 levels

Garden floral design styles are increasing popular. Both European and Japanese garden designs influenced the floral trend in a different and interesting way. People tend to love NATURE more and more. Home lovers, interior designers, plant manias, as well as floral designers are thinking of bringing the outdoor garden INDOORS !
Garden and greenery floral designs are inspired by unique modern European & Japanese gardening designs. E.g. Arboretum, Bulb Garden, Island Bed, Knot Garden, Labyrinth, Parterre aiola, etc.. The contemporary designs from "Nufleur" series emphasize on fresh-new interpretation of indoor garden floral designs. Landscapes and greenery ideas are applied in an unexpected but still natural way.
Color and texture plays are elaborated. Moss, pebble stones, fresh cut flowers, small plants and foliages are arranged in metal trays, terra cotta, glass pots, ceramic bowls, stone pots, etc. Techniques like paving, terracing, herbaceous bordering, pillowing, etc. will be applied. You'll always get minature gardens of different seasons and thematic garden portraits.

Who can take this course: For hobbyist, display florists, home lovers and interior designers.

Remarks & FAQ:Basic flower arrangement knowledge is needed for those enrolling in this course.