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Nufleur™ Contemporary Minimal Floral Design Setting

Sessions: 16 X 3 levels

**"NUFLEUR" is a trademarked course registered by HKAFA. This design series is exclusively taught in HKAFA.
A very interesting course with innovative designs out of the traditionals.
"Nufleur" Floral Settings Designs teaches students how to apply the use of oasis in different vases or containers to create dramatic effects and setting. And how to let the design go with the interior design. But sometimes the designs do not need the oasis !

Furthering the  NF Freehand course minimal concepts, NC course emphasis on the bold use of COLORS and other materials, either natural or decorative materials to enhance the modern and contemporary , but UNIQUE look of the design. Strawberries may be one of the additional material to flowers !

It creates a very cozy, yet stylish effect on the setting. Setting means sometimes we may use more than one vase to create a dramatic effect. The technques are not difficult but "witty" !


Who can take this course:Home lovers, hobbyists, interior designers, florists commercial displays, party floral decorators, hotel florists, etc.

Remarks & FAQ:**Students should have better taken NF first before joining this course. For NF is very important to the foundation of understanding the design style of NUFLEUR. And mastering some Free-hand techniques before taking NC.