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Flower Show 2019 | When Dreams Blossom!

Scored Gold Award for Unique Feature and Merit Award for Unique Feature!

Can dreamy, spirited flower display lighten up your busy days? HKAFA is invited again to join The Hong Kong Flower Show, organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Two dreamy flowers display created by teacher, students and our official consultant & accreditation designer Per Benjamin added colour to our life!

Congratulations to IAF Per Benjamin Sweden & HKAFA for awarding Gold Award for Unique Feature (Non-local Display Section) and Merit Award for Unique Feature (Display Local Section)!

Venue : Victoria Park, Hong Kong
Date & Time : 15 – 24 March 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Theme Flower : Chinese Hibiscus
Theme : When Dreams Blossom
Admission Fee : Normal rate $14 / Concessionary rate $7

Not Yet…

Gold Award for Unique Features

When our dreams are not fulfilled, the world seems lackluster. The dark backdrop mimics the darkness in our heart.

The installations of varying shapes in matching tones of charcoal and black symbolise our unfulfilled dreams.

Yet we all have beautiful dreams. With conviction, hope and love, dreams will blossom one day.

The floral design here is mainly composed of yellow flowers of varying shades. They bring hope and vitality, just like sunrays lighting up the earth. When dreams blossom, life becomes colourful!

Dreaming of Dreams

Merit Award for Unique Features

The design concept of this garden plot is inspired by the word “DREAM”. Soft colours are used to create a dream-like effect. The creative display inside the garden is dazzling like a rainbow. The hardy upright reeds in the background symbolise perseverance and self-respect, giving a greater depth of meaning to our dreams. Just as every single individual has distinctive features and personality, as brought out by the delicate yet rich colours, our dreams are never the same. Dreams enrich our lives and add colour to the world.

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