hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Sessions: 16 x 2 levels

**Jane Packer- London Certificate course exclusively at hkafa.

Impressive, Trendy, Unique, yet Practical are the key notes.

More innovative and advanced techniques of bridal bouquet designs.

Includes modern bouquets by Lilimellia, Butterfly Orchids, Cymbidiums, StarGazer Lilies, Slipper Orchids, Anthuriums, Freesias and Casablanca Lilies; special designed hairpiece, French design trendy assembling techniques; garland designs, leaf line designs, shoulder bouquets; modern line Japanese bouquet, and still more!

Who can take this course: For those who are interested in enhancing their design skills in wedding bouquets. For wedding consultants, existing flower shop designers and to-be-florsts to professionalize.

Remarks & FAQ:For students who have completed JPBB course.


JABBmaster design cat.-1