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Jane Packer London

Jane Packer London Cert./ Diploma

JPHT. Hand-Tied Bouquet Designs


Elementary | 16 lessons


Intermediate | 16 lessons


Advanced | 16 lessons


Jane Packer London courses – Students taking these courses are recommended to acquire basic flower arrangement skill in EFA first.

EFA Modern European Floral Design Concepts


This course teaches the art of hand tied bouquets: a basic floristry technique essential to many floral designs. The hand-tied bouquet has ecome the most popular way of giving flowers in the past 15 years. This European design is now the typical way in which we see flowers given as a gift.

The bouquets can be immediately become a vase arrangement ! The course will introduce the Jane Packer styles and tricky techniques, color use, flower matching ideas and also the Jane Packer package design.

Mode of instruction

Students be given a sheet of notes concerning the design concept and with bilingual names of the flowers and foliage for that lesson. Tutor explains the concept and walkthrough the student to build the actualized design with applicable techniques and skills. Tutor would assist and give feedbacks to the students to ensure a firm grasp of core techniques involved.

Who can take this course: Anyone interested in bouquet designs and would like to learn the unique Jane Packer style.

Remarks & FAQ: This course is suitable for beginners and also for those who has learned a number of hand-Tied before, for it’s about new skills and style.

Class Schedule

Local class conducted in Chinese. International class conducted in English / bilingual.

One class per week. The following indicates the possible starting time of the class.

Wan Chai Branch
Local or International Class

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday /
Friday / Saturday

1000 | 1100 | 1200 | 1430 | 1530
1630 | 1730 | 1845 | 2000

Tsim Sha Tusi Branch
Local or International Class

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday /

0900 | 1030 | 1130 | 1430 | 1530
1630 | 1730 | 1900 | 2000


1000 | 1100 | 1530
1630 | 1800

Wong Chuk Hang Branch
Local or International Class

Tuesday / Wednesday

1030 | 1130 | 1400 | 1530
1800 | 1900 | 2000

Regular Course




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