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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Please enrol at least 7 days ahead of the class starting date.
Dates for International Classes (weekday Schedules) for EFA, JPBB, FG and CPD is one day ahead of the listed dates.

Wan Chai

HOLLAND & EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION : I.A.F.- Per Benjamin, SWEDEN, Van Gogh Bloemen, Holland & JANE PACKER LONDON certificates /diplomas
Weekday Class : (can choose 1 or 2 times a week)

Please enrol one week ahead and start the following week.
11/5, 18/5, 25/5, 1/6, 8/6, 15/6
Saturday Class : (once a week)
21/5, 28/5, 4/6, 11/6, 18/6
Please enrol one week ahead and start  the following week.
**Intensive Course details please start  “INTENSIVE COURSE & PRIVATE TUITION
**Course Briefing Seminars” – Pls click “COURSE BRIEFING SEMINARS” for date & details

JPBB,FG,JPPB,IFA,NF,NB,NC,NS,NG, IK,FRA,FRB, JANE PACKER Courses,Per Benjamin Courses & others (Wan Chai & Tsimshatsui Branch)
Classes start every week, just enrol 1 week ahead.
**Intensive Course details please click on “INTENSIVE COURSE & PRIVATE TUITION

FM (WanChai & Tsimshatsui)
Classes start every week.
Pls enroll one week ahead.
(Intensive course details , pls refer to “INTENSIVE COURSE & PRIVATE TUITION“)

WORKSHOPS WS1 TO WS5 (Wan Chai & Tsimshatsui Branch)
Classes start every week, just enroll 1 week ahead.

(Normal schedule once a week, intensive course details please refer to “Intensive courses/workshops”)

Please click : “INTENSIVE COURSE & PRIVATE TUITION”  for details.