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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Best Starters

For complete beginners or students with little knowledge of over arrangement

EFA. Modern European Floral Design Concepts


16 Classses


Introduces the various concepts of Modern European flower arrangements.
Presentations of informal and modern line designs, free styles and many practical daily design concepts, e.g. table flowers, corner designs, welcoming design, etc. The correct way of arranging different material and develop correct habits in foam arrangement method. Proportions of lines, material techniques and how to capture the characteristics of many floral materials are covered in detail with step-by-step demonstrations by tutors. Some flower care and color use concepts will be touched.
Different impressive modern European design concepts will be taught.

This course is an important foundation course for beginners/hobbyists and is the basis for to-be-florists.
Students can learn the usage of different kinds of seasonal cut flowers and foliages and where to apply them in their daily life.

Mode of Instruction

Students be given a sheet of notes concerning the design concept and with bilingual names of the flowers and foliage for that lesson. Tutor first would explain the concept. The tutor would build a demonstrative design in live and would walkthrough the student to build the actualized design with applicable techniques and skills. Tutor would assist and give feedbacks to the students to ensure a firm grasp of core techniques involved.

Who can take this course: This course is for beginners who haven’t learned or have little knowledge of flower arrangement before. This is a good start for any one interested in flower arranging, as well as an important start for students who want to enter the floral industry.

Accreditation Path


Diploma in European Floristry Essentials

Class Schedule

Local class conducted in Cantonese. International class conducted in English / bilingual.
Wanchai Branch
Local Class

1400 | 1900


International Class


Tsim Sha Tsui Branch
Local Class

0930 | 1400 | 1900


Wong Chuk Hang Branch
International Class

0930 | 1430 | 1830

Course Fee

Student registration fee of $100, vases and miscellaneous charges are not inclusive.