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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Workshops | Specicalties for Beginners

Suitable for complete beginners or students with little knowledge of flower arrangement.

ECO. Freehand Eco-floral Vase Arrangement Techniques

No Oasis

12 lessons


This course teaches students practical techniques to flush flowers in any type of container without using oasis or cauldron. You can place a circular vault on a flat bowl, place a few flowers in the center of a large vase, and place a stout bird of paradise in the middle of a tall vase. Through 12 design examples, students can be like magic from any angle fixed different materials. The course focuses on practical skills, and students can use these lifelong techniques to design styles that use these skills, such as Japanese, European, modern or natural style.

In order to apply the technology to design, it is recommended that students participate in EFA and other floral courses, train design ideas, and be able to create.

EFA EFA. Modern European Floral Design Concepts

Class Form

The class concept of the course is assigned to the design notes, illustrations and Chinese and English names. The instructor will first explain the design focus, explain the side by side, and then use the same set of tricks as the instructor. The instructor will correct the work and the individual will complete the work. The trainees will benefit greatly. And thus gradually progress.

Who can take this course: Suitable for those who want to deal with loose flowers in any container without the mud of the fans. For the free handmade vase arrangement technology knowledge and ability of limited flower shop designer.

Remarks: This course teaches 12 practical techniques commonly used in vase design, while another free course in the school is further using hand skills to meet contemporary design needs. The techniques taught in the two courses are different, and NF further elaborates the use of unarmed methods in modern contemporary design. You can attend this course before attending the NF. The skills taught in ECO will not be included in the NF course.

Class Schedule

Local class conducted in Chinese. International class conducted in English / bilingual.
One class per week. The following indicates the possible starting time of the class.
Wan Chai Branch
International Class

Monday to Friday
1000 | 1130 | 1430 | 1600
1800 | 1900 | 2000

1000 | 1100 | 1200 | 1430
1530 | 1630 | 1730

Tsim Sha Tusi Branch
International Class

1000 | 1130 | 1430 | 1600
1800 | 1900 | 2000

1400 | 1500
1600 | 1700

Local Class

1030 | 1130

Wong Chuk Hang Branch
International Class

1330 | 1530 | 1630

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