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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院
Posted on Apr 21, 2016

hkafa x Ann Petite Flower Arrangement Workshop


Ann Petite
Ann Petite was founded in 2013 by a local artist, Anna Chan. Anna would like to share her own thoughts and feelings about life via the tiny girl Ann. The story began… “One day in an adventurous forest, there was a red flower gave birth to a girl. The flower turned one of her petals into a hood and named her daughter, Ann. Ann explored mother nature with the loving petal hood and became a petite but strong girl enjoying every moment in life.” Ann’s motto: stay strong and be real.

1.5 hr • with Ann Petite Gift Card • Ready-made Products Available for Sale

A1. Contemporary Flower Bouquet Wrapping

A1. Contemporary Flower Bouquet Wrapping

<< Recommended for Mother’s Day >>

$780 >> $668

2 pax special @ $1,280

A2. Creative Gift Wrapping with Flower

A2. Creative Gift Wrapping

Incl. Ann Petite Scarf with Flowers

$1,048 >> $888

2 pax special @ $1,680

A3. Creative Floral Handbag

A3. Creative Floral Handbag

$1,020 >> $868

2 pax special @ $1,620

A4. Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping

A4. Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping

Incl. Italian Red Wine

$868 >> $728

2 pax special @ $1,380


hkafa x Designers Mother’s & Father’s Day Workshop


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