Diptyque Le Grand Tour Campaign Launch

【HKAFA x diptyque -日本花道美學工作坊】


我們與diptyque舉辦了一連串的日本花道工作坊,目的為推廣新香氛系列Le Grand Tour的其中一個目的地 -京都。我們希望透過此工作坊,讓參加者可以如同置身京都一樣,體驗到日本獨特的花道藝術。我們很高興可以舉辦是次工作坊,讓大家感受到日本花道其實不只於裝飾,更包括對大自然的敬畏;對花及植物的尊重及欣賞,是一種更高層次的領悟🌿

Let’s talk corporate projects, as of every single client that comes our way, it is important for us to connect with our client, understand the brand’s DNA and create bespoke designs and workshops tailored to their vision.

To celebrate diptyque’s 60 years limited edition perfume in reference to Kyoto, Japan. We want to transport participants to the magical sanctuaries of Kyoto; the purpose of making an Ikebana floral arrangement is not to create decorations. Rather the purpose is to learn to appreciate certain things that people normally ignore. These “things” tend to be associated with nature and the beauty of the shapes of the flowers.