In around year 2000, interior design trend started to change in Europe to the contemporary & minimal styles. I.A.F. floral design researchers were inspired by the French & Belgian floral masters on floral design with natural support, contemporary freehand minimal designs became new to the world.

NUFLEUR, a lifestyle brand which offers a contemporary take in quality of life. NUFLEUR – currently operates under The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement – is committed to restoring value and style in everyday life. Through offering bespoke flower arrangement designs that fabricates stylishly special lifestyle, offering quality corporate workshops for people to let lose of themselves and to have fun, as well as offers indoors greening services and manages several lifestyle venues in Hong Kong.

Simplicity and Uniqueness: A Reflection of Lifestyle

NUFLEUR™ floristry design concept is an approach to French contemporary minimalistic style. Bringing essential taste to the world of flowers and floral décor.

A signature, unconventional and radical “NU” (new) way of applying flowers and foliage as a medium. NUFLEUR aims to bring a new, refreshing and striking design approach to everyday lives.


NF Contemporary Freehand Vase Arrangements in Minimalist Design

NB Contemporary Bouquets in Minimalist Design

NS Modern Structures in Minimalist Design

NC Creative Floral Settings in Minimalist Design

NG Contemporary Garden Arrangements in Minimalist Design