Certificate Course

Best Starters

CPD Foundation Diploma in Floral Concepts

Our flagship program for new students who are looking to dive into the world of flowers. Accredited by I.A.F Per Benjamin with Kunstmuseum, the Netherlands and Jane Packer London, this program consists of three globally applicable courses: EFA, FG and JPBB. covering the fundamentals of floristry and flower arranging.

EFA Modern European Floral Design Concepts

Explore 16 different forms of designs from table centrepieces to contemporary vertical designs through seasonal flower materials and material techniques.

FG Creative Floral Gift Design

Develop a range of hand-tie bouquets and floral gift arrangements designs through the use of different gift packaging materials and finishing techniques.

JPBB Wedding Bouquet Design

Covers 16 fundamental skill sets for wedding flowers, a Jane Packer London course, students will learn a variety of English bridal bouquets and wiring techniques.

ECO Freehand Eco-floral Vase Arrangement Techniques

Explore different practical and sustainable techniques to arrange flowers in different forms of vases without the use of flower foam.

EHT Eco-floral Techniques in Hand Tied Bouquets

Discover different practical techniques and designs focusing on hand-tie bouquets. Advance the classic spiral techniques, colour matching and recognize flowers unique gestures and textures.

FM Florist Management

A comprehensive floral management course, we prepare students, who are looking to make floristry into their own career, the essence for creating and paving the know-how of a successful floristry business.

Speciality Workshops

WB Trendy Bouquet Packaging Designs for Florists

Enhance your skills in putting together more marketable gift bouquets. Pursue alternative wrapping techniques, with creative packaging design and hand-tie practices with seasonal ingredients.

WG Unique Opening Stands and Celebration Flower Basket Design

Flourish your skills in creating grand opening flower basket stands. Suitable for florists who are interested in catering clients’ business celebrations.

WH Creative Festive Hampers and Fruit Basket Design

Master the skills in creating festive hampers and fruit basket designs. Incorporating flowers with gourmet fruits and delicacies using different baskets and boxes.

WF Funeral Tribute Design, Ceremony and Hearse Decoration

Skill enhancement course in creating timeless commercial funeral designs and farewell ceremony decorations.

Design Advancing

IFA Floral Design Creation

Our design advancing course, inspires and encourages students to explore and put their own interpretation to different design globally

AFG Advanced Floral Gift Design

Develop and equip students with higher marketable, advancing range of hand-tie bouquet and floral gift arrangements designs.

FID Floral Art & Interior Design

Apply flower arrangement styles to different interior settings and styles, whilst undertaking lighting, function and colors factors as consideration.

NUFLEUR Contemporary Minimalist Series

NF NUFLEUR Contemporary Freehand Vase Arrangements in Minimalist Design

NUFLEUR floristry design concept is a French contemporary minimalistic style approach. Create refreshing and statement vase table arrangements, mastering a range of freehand techniques.

NB NUFLEUR Contemporary Bouquets in Minimalist Design

French contemporary minimalistic style approach. Create refreshing and statement hand-tie bouquets while mastering a range of modern design techniques.

NS NUFLEUR Modern Structures in Minimalist Design

French contemporary minimalistic style approach. Build architectural and structural flower arrangements while mastering detailed techniques and craft.

NC NUFLEUR Creative Floral Settings in Minimalist Design

French contemporary minimalistic style approach. Fabricate more innovative, out of traditional floral setting. Explore the relations between floral ingredients and vase to create more dynamic results.

NG NUFLEUR Contemporary Garden Arrangements in Minimalist Design

French contemporary minimalistic style approach. Produce European and Japanese inspired garden floral arrangements while exploring the relationships between colour, texture and nature

JANE PACKER LONDON Certificate Courses

JABB Advanced Wedding Bouquet Design

For florists looking to advance and learn the delicate floristry techniques involved in creating Jane Packer’s couture, extravagant and complex bridal bouquets.

JPTA Table Flower and Creative Interior Arrangements

Taking you on an expedition through Jane Packer’s signature elegant table flowers and creative interior arrangements.

JPHT Hand-tied Bouquet Design

Master Jane Packer London's signature modern yet romantic English hand-tie bouquets.

JPPB Party Decoration and Event Floral Design

Emphasis on events and corporate displays. Equipping students with practical know-how and instilled with creative and timeless Jane Packer London designs.

JPVA Contemporary Design Concepts and Vase Arrangements

Take part in Jane Packer’s signature modern yet romantic design concepts and vase arrangements.

JPCR Colour Conceptual Design

Establish an understanding of Jane Packer's colour concepts. Signature Jane Packer London unique arrangements will be covered in this course.

European Master Series

FRA French Floral Design

Dive into the romantic and rich world of French floral creations. Colour and material selections, use of different texture of flowers and foliage to create that unique French vegetative style table arrangements.

FRB French Hand-tied Bouquet Design

Dive into the romantic and rich world of French floral creations. Colour and material selections, use of different texture of flowers and foliage to create that unique French raw and vegetative style bouquets.

DFA Contemporary Dutch Floral Design

Reveals Dutch distinctive national floral design styles. Dutch floral creations are a perfect blend of fine European natural garden classics and contemporary design process.

GBA German & Belgian Floral Design

Uncovers Belgium and German national floral design styles. The arrangements are sculptural and detailed with heavy natural personality.

Per Benjamin Professional Designer Courses

PDA Per Benjamin Creative Floral Design

Discover master florist – Per Benjamin (Sweden) ’s definition of beauty with combined concepts, bringing in emotions of various seasons, create table flower arrangements that are expressive.

PHT Per Benjamin Unique Artistic Bouquet Design

Discover master florist – Per Benjamin (Sweden) ’s creation secrets and floral recipes on Per Benjamin's showstopping hand-tie bouquets of large dimensions.

PCS Per Benjamin Constructions and Structures

Paying homage to movement, achieve a sensation of abundance and explosion of colours through Per Benjamin’s signature structural designs.

PWB Per Benjamin Creative Wedding Bouquet Design

Emotional design provokes an emotional response in people. Learn the techniques used to make Per Benjamin’s astonishing wedding bouquet designs.

Interest Courses

IK Ikebana

Provide access into the world of ikebana learning. Building a solid foundation in basic Ikenobo Ikebana, Moribana styles and techniques.

PF Creative Workshops with Preserved Flower

An interesting alternative to fresh flowers, handcraft a wide range of gift arrangements, decorations and accessories whilst adapting different skillsets.

PET Creative 4D Flower Arrangement

Covers a range of unique, fun, larger than life creatives like bumble bees, kittens, as well as novelty forms such as cakes designs encrusted in fresh flowers.

BT Contemporary Bonsai Design in Terrarium

Combining art and nature – bringing greenery indoors, share knowledge of terrarium building through creating different forms of terrariums designs.

GW Creative Gift Wrapping

Learn how to gift wrap like a pro. Equip students with different gift-wrapping techniques and finishing essentials.

JF Creative Floral Workshop for Juniors

Learn basic floral design knowledge and put together unique creations. Aims to develop children’s creativity and visual awareness while exploring sophisticated materials and techniques.

JFP Parent-Child Practical Floral Workshop

More than just flower workshop, this course provides opportunity for both, parents and their children, to dive into the world of flowers to create and get inspired.