Dutch Accreditation for Contemporary European Floral Art


KUNSTMUSEUM Den Haag, the Netherlands Accreditation

KUNSTMUSEUM Den Haag, the Netherlands is a museum of modern and contemporary art, with more than 160,000 touching famous art collections. It is a world class museum of art and one of the largest art museums in Europe.


The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement (hkafa), following the successful experience of Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, has received major repercussions in the international floral education. In 2020, hkafa is honored to be invited by KUNSTMUSEUM Den Haag, at Hague the Netherlands to develop and create contemporary Dutch floral art as well as modern European floral art, striving to bring revolutionary changes to the world’s floral trends.


KUNSTMUSEUM Den Haag, together with international floral designer Mr. Per Benjamin, Sweden, and the I.A.F. International Academy of Floristry will jointly accredit the professional courses of the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement (hkafa) , and will continue to enhance the Netherlands’ reputation in international floral creation with extraordinary global recognition.


There are many styles of collections in the museum: De Stijl, Neo-Plasticism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, etc. The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement will lead students with inspirations from the famous art collections. From the characterized design concepts, timeless application of space and dimensions, opening up new ideas and inspirations for floral art. Whether it is the use of colors, textures, and dimensional abstract visual effects, they can be vividly displayed through the living floral art. The styles will have revolutionary changes: personalization, abstraction, modern impressionist and contemporary naturalism. The Academy will strive to cultivate individual and unique floral designers. The floral industry will flourish and the international floral design trend will shine and be brought to a new stage.


After completing each course, students may apply for the I.A.F. certificate or diploma, accredited by KUNSTMUSEUM Den Haag, Per Benjamin, Sweden and the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement, the professional qualification with international recognition for the flower industry.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Accreditation 2016-2020

Many Vincent van Gogh paintings are themed with flora. hkafa was honoured to be invited by the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent Van Gogh Foundation) to develop a contemporary form of Dutch Floral Art with the legacy and essence from Vincent Van Gogh. hkafa had brought impressionist art into an international contemporary stage of floral designs.

In 2014, a new era of inspirational crossover of fine arts & contemporary impressionism in floral art came to hkafa. We work with different famous international floral designers to re-create and develop new styles, while relating to impressionist paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.


Per Benjamin has been appointed the official consultant of hkafa, I.A.F. & Van Gogh Bloemen. He joints with Van Gogh Museum to certify all our courses from 2016 till 2020.


We look forward to new out-of-the-box creativities & inspirations from the expertise collaboration of fine art & floral art, bringing the international floral trend to a new stage at hkafa.