Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started in Floristry?

How do I choose a Flower School?

Here you will find most common questions and answers.

1. Which course should I choose if I’m a beginner?

If you are a beginner, our CPD Foundation Diploma in Floral Concept is the perfect start as it covers the fundamentals of floristry and flower arranging. This diploma course consists of three subjects, of which can also be enrolled individually:

• EFA Modern European Table Arrangements - which you will explore different table arrangement design forms and concepts as well as gain introduction to different flowers and foliage etc
• FG Floral Gift and Gift Arrangement – students will be able to explore different gift bouquet packaging techniques and floral gift arrangement techniques.
• JPBB Jane Packer London Wedding Bouquet Arrangements covers everything wedding: from different bouquet styles to wiring work like corsages, headpieces etc.

You may refer to “Best Starters - Hobby or Career” under our certificate course page.

2. Should I take EFA, or ECO first, what is the difference?

We recommend students who have no floristry background to take EFA first, as it covers the fundamentals of modern European table flower arrangements through the use of flower foam and teaches 16 different design concepts with teacher demonstrations. Whereas ECO explores 12 different practical and sustainable techniques to arrange flowers in different forms of vases without the use of flower foam.

ECO emphasizes foam-free vase arrangement techniques, and EFA emphasizes design concepts. We recommend students to have some experience from EFA Modern European Flower Arrangement in order to grasp the concepts better in ECO and thus be able to nurture your own creativity.

3. What is the difference between ECO and NF, both are free-hand vase designs?

The techniques learned in both courses are exclusively different. If you want to learn the techniques to arrange flowers foam-free (i.e. without the use of oasis) for any size & shape of vases with any quantity of flower, then we may recommend ECO. As this course is focused on techniques, you can then apply the techniques taught in ECO to any of the floristry styles you learn from other courses.

NF NUFLEUR floristry design concept is an approach to French contemporary minimalistic style. Students will be able to create refreshing and statement vase arrangements while mastering a range of freehand techniques. The techniques and design interpretations are more contemporary NUFLEUR design oriented.

4. What if I want to learn flower arrangement as a hobby, which course should I take?

If you have no flower arrangement knowledge before, may we recommend taking EFA first. Upon completing EFA, you can then further explore other courses based on your preferences. Recommended courses are: ECO, IFA, NF, FRA and Jane Packer London table arrangement courses.

5. If I want to equip myself and prepare to open or work in a flower shop in the future, which courses should I start with?

If you are looking to explore a career within the floristry, we will recommend you to start with CPD Foundation Diploma, and FM Florist Management, following the accreditation road map to ACPD Diploma in European Floristry Essentials and onwards.

6. I have learned a bit of flower arrangement before, should I start from the very basics still?

It depends on whether you find that your foundation is strong enough. If you have taken part in a handful of leisure workshops, then we may recommend starting fresh with EFA to build a strong foundation. Otherwise, you can choose any courses you are interested in.

7. Can I take the JANE PACKER courses if I’m a beginner ?

We recommend students to take EFA first before enrolling into any of our JANE PACKER courses, for we dive straight into Jane Packer’s design styles and expect students to already know the basics floristry concepts.

8. What are the tuition fees and do they include material fees? What other materials/stationary do I need to buy other than flowers?

You may access a detailed tuition fee list by clicking “Fee Inquiry” which will clearly list out the tuition and flower materials fees. As for other materials necessary for the lessons, it is different from course to course. You may contact a member of our team to enquire more.

9. Can I get a certificate / diploma after finishing the courses?

The application of certificate / diploma is optional. You may apply for a corresponding certificate / diploma upon completing the entire course. If you missed any lessons in between, you must arrange make-up classes first before applying for a certificate / diploma. All courses are accredited for I.A.F cert/dip. Holland certificate / diplomas, course codes starting with JP will be accredited by JANE PACKER London.

10. What is I.A.F.? Is the certificate acceptable all over the world?

I.A.F. was established in 1990, it is a famous floral organization renowned all over the world. Many overseas students travel to Hong Kong exclusively to learn from us. Based on our years of experience, students qualified for our certificates (co-signed by hkafa, accredited by Kunstmuseum Dan Haag and famous international floral master Per Benjamin Sweden), are very welcomed and praised by employers worldwide.

11. Can I get a job with the certificate/ diplomas after finishing the courses?

Although most employers recognize hkafa & I.A.F, there will be more competitive opportunities open if students can obtain a selection of certificates / diplomas from various subjects and advanced courses. They welcome applicants with more all-rounded skills and higher levels of training. Please refer to our “Accreditations” scheme under I.A.F. Courses. The Academy also actively refers students who have completed more all-rounded training and acquired more diplomas to suitable employment offerings with great career perspectives.

12. What happens if I miss some of the classes I enrolled in?

When you enroll for the classes, you will acknowledge our “Rules & Regulations” which state the guidelines for make up class arrangements. If you happen to have taken a leave application or marked an absence throughout your course, upon completion, we’ll take record of your missed classes and arrange make up classes for you. All in all, within the 2 years, we will be able to schedule you into all the designs you are to finish before course completion.

Please contact a member of our team to learn more about our terms & conditions.

13. I work shift hours, how can I fit into the regular schedules of the classes? Can I still complete the courses under a reasonable timeframe?

Students who are air-hostesses or work in health care, or those who have an irregular working schedule, can book classes based on their working schedules with our team. We do have a system in place that allows “shift mode” students to attend classes that you are able to attend on the first cycle, as the Academy do keep a clear record of your attendance and most courses are available in two or three time slots a day, we will fit you in to suitable classes according to your availability. For example, if you have to work in the morning on that day, you may attend the afternoon or evening session.

For those who work shift hours or have an unfixed working schedule,
please contact us to find out how our timetable can cater to your schedule.

14. My job requires me to go on business trips rather frequently, and my employer gives me only short notice. How can I apply for absence within 7 working days as stated in the Rules & Regulations? Can I still join the classes?

In this case, we recommend students to only book in and confirm classes when they are sure that they can really attend the class. Kindly understand, we can always add to our flower order within a shorter period of notice, but cannot cancel after our order has been placed.

15. Since I can enjoy a greater discount if I enroll 2 or more courses together, can I start the pre-enrolled courses later?

Students enrolling 2 or more certificate courses simultaneously can enjoy relatively better discount offers. You are welcome to start any pre-enrolled courses on a later date, within 5 years of enrollment.

16. If I have learned elementary flower arrangement elsewhere, can I join the intermediate levels right the way?

In order to take intermediate courses without starting from our CPD Foundation Diploma or beginner classes, you will need to show our instructors your portfolio and together with the management team, will decide whether your portfolio is approved for a waive or if there are any concepts your notes or photos did not showcase your knowledge on and will need to arrange and complete the make up classes before starting intermediate level courses. This ultimately is to ensure your skills and techniques are up to our standards so to ensure better learning experience moving forward.

17. Can I take the FM directly if I want to open a flower shop?

As a comprehensive floral management course, we prepare students, who are looking to make floristry into their own career, the essence for creating and paving the know-how of a successful floristry business. To fully grasp and gain a fruitful understanding of each lecture, students perform better if they have basic practical knowledge on the production of floral designs. We do recommend students to take the CPD Foundation Diploma first or simultaneously if necessary, so as to train students the basic techniques needed for daily flower shop operation. However, if you insist on taking the FM Florist Management course first, you are still welcome and understand the theoretical management part primarily.

18. On the timetable, it is showing most of the courses are run more than twice a week. Can I finish in a shorter period of time if I attend multiple sessions per week?

Most of our certificate courses can be finished within as short as 2 to 4 months. We recommend students to do one session per course per week, as designs may duplicate throughout the same week. If you need to speed up, please discuss with us whether you can attend more sessions, otherwise, private tuition or intensive courses are available to cater to your needs.

Please refer to the “Intensive Courses/ Private Tuition” page.

19. Some of the courses require basic flower arrangement knowledge or pre-requisite before enrolling, what if I insist on taking those courses?

You can still enroll if you insist - upon our instructor’s approval, but kindly understand that since you decide to forgo the beginner stage in building a stronger foundation, you may have difficulties understanding concepts behind designs taught and underperforming each class’ potential.

20. What is the difference between EFA, FRA, DFA and GBA? Are they all western styles?

EFA Modern European Flower Arrangement Concepts covers the fundamentals of modern European table flower arrangements through the use of flower foam. Students will be able to explore different forms of designs, understanding proportions, angles, negative space, through the use of various flower materials as well as learning different material techniques.

EFA prepares students the necessary foundation to take design specialized courses like FRA, DFA, GBFA, etc.
FRA French Floral Designs focuses on the unique French raw, vegatative style designs which are different from the Classic European Style. Think: romantic, innovative, natural and carefree.
DFA Dutch Floral Art Designs center around classic Dutch arrangement techniques and styles from Holland: more garden designs, country style and intricate techniques.
GBA German & Belgium Master Designs focuses on master designs of Germany & Belgium: structural, impressive and daring color applications.

All specialized trends with very different techniques, interpretations and applications.