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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Founder with international outlook

Theresa Lam is the founder of the Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement Ltd. (hkafa) in 1989. Theresa believes that Hong Kong , as an international city, can be the base of the best floral arts in the region.

After managing her flower shop for 3 years, Theresa found herself more keen to teach. She learned her flower arrangement skills in Europe and got inspirations from her Japanese teachers. She decided to bring in the best syllabus to Hong Kong students.

Unique style

Theresa is now famous for her proven experience and success in training outstanding floral designers & florists. Her passion and innovation in her unique style of floral design has earned her thousands of dedicated students from local and all over the world. Theresa’s friendliness & patience have made her students her friends !
hkafa forms the bridge where students can get firsthand direction to world flower arrangement trend. Theresa’s designs are clean & modern. Her unique mastery of color and texture is inspired by her insight in international fashion, architectures & interior designs.

Theresa PROFILE photo PurpleFloral

I.A.F. affiliation

In 1990, hkafa first got affiliated with the I.A.F.( International Academy of Floristry—floral art research). I.A.F. courses has got European Master Certification originated in Sweden (The birthplace for many renowned influential floral design masters).
The I.A.F. curriculum is International, Professional, Mastery, Modern & Systematic. From then, Theresa has been training local as well as overseas students matured international floral art techniques. hkafa is the first flower school with international classes in Hong Kong. It attracts thousands of students locally, expatriates, overseas students from Mainland China, Asia and all other parts of the world. Students can apply for the respective I.A.F. certificates/diplomas/advanced diplomas upon completion of the courses.



European Designer Certification & Consultancy – Per Benjamin

hkafa & I.A.F. are very proud to have Mr. Per Benjamin, the famous Sweden international floral designer & decorator as their course consultant.

Benjamin, as a partner of Life3 with two other Belgian & Dutch floral designers – Tomas De Bruyne & Max van de Sluis, has published a number of floral design reference books, which are of the world bestsellers. Having won several medals at the World Cup in the Netherlands, they are still contributing to international floral education by holding seminars, workshops and demonstrations worldwide.


In 2009, hkafa was invited by the renowned Jane Packer School London to develop their style in Hong Kong. hkafa’s teachers got trained in London and started the various courses in 2010.

The style of Jane Packer is presented in the unique curriculum in Hong Kong. It includes her famous wedding & event flowers, hand ties, unique table flower designs and color styles. We strongly believe that it will be another very popular course that might affect the trend in the region.

Awarded Outstanding Enterprise – China

Though Theresa has got numerous awards throughout the years, she is most proud of hkafa when she got the Honorary Award for Outstanding Entrepreneur 2009 at Beijing in Jan. 2010 granted by China (CAWE).

This is to award Theresa for her outstanding contribution in playing a leading role in China’s floral design industry. Her innovations have moved Hong Kong’s floral design to the international stage.

Van Gogh Bloemen

In 2014, a new era of inspirational crossover of fine arts & contemporary impressionism in floral art came to HKAFA.


While many of Van Gogh paintings were using different flower as theme, HKAFA was proud to be invited by Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam to develop contemporary Dutch Floral Design. HKAFA will work with different famous international floral designers to re-create and develop new styles, while relating to impressionist paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. Benjamin will be the official consultant of HKAFA ,I.A.F. & Van Gogh Bloemen. He and Van Gogh Museum will certify all certificates & diplomas from 2016.

We look forward to new out-of-the-box creativities & inspirations from the expertise collaboration of fine art & floral art, bringing the international floral trend to a new stage – Van Gogh Bloemen, Holland at HKAFA.


Our mission — conscious creativity

Provision of the highest standard of training, responsible tutorial and bringing the ever changing international floral trend to its students are the principles of hkafa and all the dedicated teachers here. Complex techniques and concepts are made simple and easily understood. The designs for the lessons are constantly changing . That’s why many students are our old friends for they stay here to keep up with the trend !

Awards – hkafa got numerous Awards for design excellence at the Hong Kong flower shows

The Principal, Theresa Lam was awarded Elite Entrepreneur of China 2009 in Beijing (CAWE) for her outstanding contribution to floral education in HK as well as leading the HK flower arrangement trend to the international stage.
Accredited Quality Wedding Merchant (QWM) by the Hong Kong Productivity Council 2010 & 2011, appraised for outstanding performance in wedding consultation, wedding and event floral designs services.
Being panel judges for flower arrangement competitions, e.g. Kunming Flower Arrangement Competition in China

Corporate Experience

hkafa has been committed to various corporate training, team building & business consultancy for over 20 years, her client include Hong Kong Bank, JW Marriott Hotel, MTR Corporation Ltd, THE ELEMENTS, LCX, Shu Uemura, Hospital Authority, American Women’s Association, Hong Kong Flower Club, Korean Women’s Association,JP Morgan, Nike, Wall Street Institute, Kerry Property Management Services Ltd. ,Bank of East Asia, Hanlun Habitats, Hershey’s , K11, CENTRAL/CENTRAL, etc.

Community Service

hkafa Volunteer Team of teachers and students offers community services to various non-profit making charitable organizations. Flower arrangement skill can benefit the society and at the same time provides students valuable experience of applying their knowledge learned ! Work includes interest courses, workshops and vocational trainings.

Organizations served : Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community Center, YWCA, Hong Chi Association, UNICEF, sponsorships for The Good Rock Foundation, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, etc.