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Vases are available to purchase seperately.

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Explore the fundamentals of modern European table flower arrangements through the use of flower foam. From table centrepieces to contemporary vertical designs through seasonal flower materials and material techniques.

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Develop and equip students with a range of hand-tie bouquet and floral gift arrangements designs. Learn practical techniques through the use of various gift packaging materials and bows tying techniques.

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Covers the fundamental skillsets for wedding flowers, following the internationally renowned Jane Packer Flowers syllabus.

Create a range of modern, romantic English bridal, bridesmaids’ bouquets and look into wiring work in detail.

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Explores different practical and sustainable techniques to arrange flowers in different forms of vases foam free.
(i.e. without the use of flower foam)

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Perfect different practical techniques and designs focusing on hand-tie bouquets with the classic spiral techniques and understand flowers unique gestures and textures. 

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Focuses on enhancing the skills in putting together more marketable gift bouquets through learning alternative wrapping techniques. 

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NUFLEUR™ floristry design concept is an approach on French contemporary minimalistic style. Create refreshing and statement vase arrangements while mastering a range of freehand techniques. 

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French contemporary minimalistic design approach – Make refreshing and statement hand-tie bouquets while mastering a range of creative design techniques and hand-tied experiences. 

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European Master Design Series, dive into the romantic world of French style floral creations. Colour and material selections, use of different texture of flowers and foliage will be covered to create that unique French vegetative style arrangements.

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Enter the world of French style floral creations. Colour and material selections, use of different texture of flowers and foliage will be covered to create that unique French couture style bouquets.

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A Jane Packer London Course – we will take you on an expedition through Jane Packer’s signature elegant table flowers

& creative interior arrangements. 

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An expedition through Jane Packer’s signature modern yet romantic English hand-tie bouquets. From over-the-arm bouquets,

to heart-shaped willow hand-tie bouquets, 

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Aims to develop children’s creativity and visual awareness while exploring sophisticated materials and techniques through basic floral design knowledge.

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Learn how to gift wrap like a pro. This course introduces and aims to equip students different gift-wrapping techniques and essentials.

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Covers a range of unique, fun, larger-than-life animal creatives and lifestyle novelties: like bumble bees, kittens, cakes and ice-cream designs encrusted in fresh flowers.

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