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AFA Advanced Floral Design Creation, AFG Advanced Floral Gift Design, BT Contemporary Bonsai Design in Terrarium, CPD Foundation Diploma in Floral Concepts, DFA Contemporary Dutch Floral Design, ECO Freehand Eco-floral Vase Arrangement Techniques, EFA Modern European Floral Design Concepts, EHT Eco- floral Techniques in Hand-tied Bouquets, FG Creative Floral Gift Design, FID Floral Art and Interior Design, FM Florist Management, FRA French Floral Design, FRB French Hand-tied Bouquet Design, GBA German & Belgian Floral Design, GW Creative Gift Wrapping, IFA Floral Design Creation, IK Ikebana, JABB Advanced Wedding Bouquet Design, JF Creative Floral Workshop for Juniors, JFP Parent-Child Practical Floral Workshop, JPBB Wedding Bouquet Design, JPCR Colour Conceptual Design, JPHT Hand-tied Bouquet Design, JPPB Party Decoration & Event Floral Design, JPTA Table Flower and Creative Interior Arrangements, JPVA Contemporary Design Concepts and Vase Arrangements, NB Contemporary Bouquets in Minimalist Design, NC Creative Floral Settings in Minimalist Design, NF Contemporary Freehand Vase Arrangements in Minimalist Design, NG Contemporary Garden Arrangements in Minimalist Design, NS Modern Structures in Minimalist Design, PCS Per Benjamin Constructions and Structures, PDA Per Benjamin Creative Floral Design, PET Creative 4D Flower Arrangement, PF Creative Workshops with Preserved Flower, PHT Per Benjamin Unique Artistic Bouquet Design, PWB Per Benjamin Creative Wedding Bouquet Design, WB Trendy Bouquet Packaging Design for Florists, WF Funeral Tribute Design, Ceremony and Hearse Decoration, WG Unique Opening Stands and Celebration Flower Basket Design, WH Creative Festive Hampers and Fruit Baskets Design