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Learn how to gift wrap like a pro. This course introduces and aims to equip students with different gift-wrapping techniques and essentials; how to make gift bags from scratch, create festive and elegant accents and tie different styles of ribbon bows. We will be using a wide variety of materials, accessories, paper ribbons and boxes.

Whether you are ultra creative or a total beginner, we will reveal the secrets on how to achieve the perfect wrap, must have techniques such as book wrapping and modern envelope wraps with creative touches like ribbon roses. From boxes and awkward shapes (such as bottles) to handmade gift bags and bows you’ll be proud to show off. Focusing on creativity and the finer details.


Suitable for complete beginners. This course is both practical, enjoyable and rewarding. You will finish each class overflowing with ideas, new skills and impressive “makes” that you can show off to your family and friends.

About the Class

We will present students with a handout covering the design of each class, including botanical names of the flowers and foliages used in both English & Chinese, sketches and sample photos (when applicable) to assist learning. Our Instructor will kick start each class with a detailed explanation, following a step-by-step teaching method to ensure students develop the necessary applicable techniques and skills.


Guided by our experienced instructors every step of the way with feedback as you focus on the building blocks of the craft and establishing a strong foundation of floral know-how. Everything you make is yours to take home – which will be another learning opportunity to observe different flowers and foliages’ full character and vase life.

Accreditation Pathway

Students can start at a minimum of 7+ days after successful registration and enrollment. (subject to schedule, instructor and classroom availability) Feel free to call or email us with your preferred date to check availability directly.


For those who work shift hours or have an unfixed working schedule, please contact us to find out how this timetable can cater to your schedule.

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