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KUNSTMUSEUM Den Haag, the Netherlands, Certificate
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CPD Foundation Diploma in Floral Concepts is our flagship program for students who are ready to dive into the world of flowers.


During this hands-on and practical foundation course, students will learn all the techniques and theoretical understanding that make up the fundamental foundations of floristry. Accredited by I.A.F Per Benjamin (Sweden) with Kunstmuseum Dan Haag (Holland) and Jane Packer London, this Foundation Diploma consists of three globally applicable courses: EFA. Modern European Floral Design Concepts, FG. Creative Floral Gift Design and JPBB. Wedding Bouquet Designs. Each course consists of 16 designs, upon completion, students will take away a total of 48 different designs: from various table arrangement forms, to gift bouquets and gift arrangements, bridal hand-tie bouquets, wired floral pieces etc.

Please refer to our Accreditation Map for details.


  • Explore the principles and elements of flowers and floral design
  • Learn practical techniques and essential skills to enrich your floral design practice
  • Build a strong foundation of floristry skills

Whether you’re wanting to dip your toes into the world of floristry or just fancy some fun with flowers. This Foundation Diploma is suitable for complete beginners, no previous experience necessary – everyone is welcome. Essential for those who are looking to prepare for a professional career.


The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement has been welcoming students from all over the world onto its diploma courses for the past over 30 years. Our curriculums are designed to provide the best foundation to floristry, distilling not only the most essential skills but provides a learning experience that cultivates creative and personal development.


To learn more about our courses and explore suitable pathways to learning, sign up for our monthly Course Briefing Seminars or if you would like to talk with a tutor to confirm the right course for you, please do get in touch for further information.


Your Floral Journey Starts Here.

Module 1

16 different table flower arrangement designs, suitable for beginners. Explore various design forms: formal table centerpieces, natural floral arrangements and many practical daily design concepts.

Module 2

6 different stylish hand-tied gift bouquets and 10 different flower gift arrangements for different occasions, suitable for beginners, including Korean style bouquet, flower box, flower basket and much more.

Module 3

Covers the fundamental skill sets for wedding flowers, following the internationally famous Jane Packer Flowers syllabus, students will create a range of modern, romantic English bridal bouquets, garden hand-tied bouquets, bridesmaids’ bouquets as well as wiring work for boutonnieres and corsages.

Accreditation Pathway

Our CPD Foundation Diploma in Floral Concepts, consists of three individual modules (16 classes per module), totalling up to 48+ classes. Students will be able to complete the course as quickly as within four months. *excluding public holidays or leave applications.


Our beginner courses are scheduled on a running cycle, students can start at a minimum of 7+ days after successful registration and enrollment. Feel free to call or email us with your preferred date to check availability directly.


For those who work shift hours or have an unfixed working schedule, please contact us to find out how this timetable can cater to your schedule.

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