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Free Course Introductory Seminar

Flowers for Fun or as a Business | European Certifications

Course Introductory Seminar

1.5 Hours

30th Anniversary
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Professional Accreditation

After successfully launched the renowned JANE PACKER LONDON flower courses for more than two years, HKAFA is launching I.A.F. European Designer Certification. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam & world famous international floral designer Mr. Per Benjamin will certify all our I.A.F. courses to be of European professional standard in commercial floristry. The I.A.F. certificates & diplomas, originated in Sweden, denote a worldwide recognition of our students who are certificate or diploma holders.

Seminar Content

Part A: How to choose a suitable course as a hobby as well as career, and to strengthen your skill set.

Part B : Introduction to the accredited certificate & diploma courses by I.A.F., Van Gogh Bloemen & Jane Packer at HKAFA.

Part C : How to develop an interest into a career. The potential of flower related businesses will be introduced with Florist Management Diploma Course briefing.

PHT. Per Benjamin Hand-tied Bouquet

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