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CPD 歐洲花藝基礎文憑 為本院最受歡迎的專業花藝基礎文憑課程,為 I.A.F. 國際花會 Per Benjamin (Sweden) 及荷蘭海牙美術博物館官方認可認證。

有別於坊間的教育或興趣花藝班,文憑課程內容包括3項花藝基礎證書課程: EFA 歐洲花藝設計、FG 花束及花禮品包裝設計、JPBB 結婚花球設計 (每課程為 16 課;共 48 款設計) 。CPD 歐洲花藝基礎文憑 融合了理論知識和實踐,教授不同的設計風格及正確標準的花藝技巧,讓學員認識各種花材並親手製作出屬於自己、獨一無二的花藝作品。

  • 精要全面地學習三項實用花藝
  • 掌握正統技巧,終生受用
  • 建立穩健基礎,為發展興趣及事業作準備

Whether you’re wanting to dip your toes into the world of floristry or just fancy some fun with flowers. This Foundation Diploma is suitable for complete beginners, no previous experience necessary – everyone is welcome. Essential for those who are looking to prepare for a professional career.


Core Subject


EFA Modern European Floral Design Concepts

EFA Modern European Floral Design – an essential starter and one of the three modules of the CPD Foundation Diploma in Floral Concepts. This elementary flower arrangement course covers the essentials and fundamentals of modern European table flower arrangements through the use of floral foam, and arrangement skills on how to maximize the vase life of flowers.

Throughout this EFA Modern European Floral Design certificate course, students learn the elements and principles of 16 table flower arrangement designs and be able to apply various design forms to the interior space: modern table centerpieces, conference table flower, contemporary vertical corner designs, natural floral arrangements for console area and many practical daily design concepts.

Eco-floral Electives

Choose 1

Choice A

Explore different practical and sustainable techniques to arrange flowers in different forms of vases without the use of flower foam.

Choice B

Discover different practical techniques and designs focusing on hand-tie bouquets. Advance the classic spiral techniques, colour matching and recognize flowers unique gestures and textures.

Regular Course Electives

Choose 1

Develop a range of hand-tie bouquets and floral gift arrangements designs through the use of different gift packaging materials and finishing techniques.
Enhance your skills in putting together more marketable gift bouquets. Pursue alternative wrapping techniques, with creative packaging design and hand-tie practices with seasonal ingredients.
Our design advancing course, inspires and encourages students to explore and put their own interpretation to different design globally

NUFLEUR floristry design concept is a French contemporary minimalistic style approach. Create refreshing and statement vase table arrangements, mastering a range of freehand techniques.

and all other certificate courses!

Beginner’s Combo

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