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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Best Starters

For complete beginners or students with little knowledge of over arrangement

FG. Creative Floral Gift Design


16 Classes


Designed for those who are interested in floral gift design and packaging, and for those who want to work in the flower shop.

6 designs of Japanese and European bouquets, 10 floral gift designs including European country style basket wraps, fruit flower baskets, Japanese floral gift boxes and other specially designed floral gifts for different occasions.
Introduces gift-wrap materials and accessories, papers, the use of ribbons and different kinds of bows making.

Emphasis will be put on how to make the gift simple but impressive to the recipient. Color matching ideas and the use of flowers for special occasions and greetings will be introduced. Professional is the key note.

Intermediate and Advanced levels are covered in the course

AFG. Advanced Floral Gift Designs

Mode of Instruction

Students be given a sheet of notes concerning the design concept and with bilingual names of the flowers and foliage for that lesson. Tutor explains the concept and walkthrough the student to build the actualized design with applicable techniques and skills. Tutor would assist and give feedbacks to the students to ensure a firm grasp of core techniques involved.

Who can take this course: For hobbyists, to-be-florists and working florists. No flower arrangement knowledge is required but it’s better if you know flower arranging for the flower in the gift will be placed better and you can create more styles after the course. You are recommended to take EFA or CPD together.

EFA. Modern European Floral Design Concepts

Accreditation Path


Diploma in European Floristry Essentials

Class Schedule

Local class conducted in Chinese. International class conducted in English / bilingual.
Wanchai Branch
Local Class

3:15 pm | 8:15 pm

10:45 am

International Class

10:45 am

Tsim Sha Tsui Branch
Local Class

10:45 am | 3:15 pm | 8:15 pm

3:30 pm

Wong Chuk Hang Branch
International Class

10:45 am | 15:45 pm | 19:45 pm