Floral Handbag Gift Arrangement


Join us in our studio for a series of workshops based on seasonal aesthetics and colour palettes.
In this session, you will learn to create a trendy Floral Arrangement in Handbag in our Spring Summer colour palette revolving light pinks and purples. We will share how to condition flowers, basic floral knowledge and top tips in a relaxing floral arrangement.


Floral Handbag Gift Arrangement


Size: Approx. 25cm x 25cm x 10cm
(tuition fee, flower materials and vase all inclusive)

🥰 Group enrollment for 3+ people can customize class schedules. (e.g. weekday night or Sunday)
(subject to availability of teachers and venue)

All photos are for references only.
Floral materials for class depend on market supply and subject to our discretion.

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