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hkafa | 香港插花藝術學院

Sessions: 16 X 3 levels

In the recent decade, floral masters from Belgium & Germany characterized their distinctive national design styles in diversed trends. The designs have vital influence on the international floral trend.

In order to enrich students with knowledge in international designs styles, the essence of the German & Belgium master floral design styles are covered in this course GBFA. German designs result in a unique combination of creative artistry and contemporary architectural structures designs. The arrangements are scuptural, detailed with heavy natural touch. The outlook of the floral designs are different in the way that it’s unique on it’s own, and not very much related to classical concepts, applicable as a
4-D visual art as well as a grand commercial architectural floral display.

Who can take this course:Those who want to enhance their personal floral style, flower shops, hotel florists, window displayers, event decorators, and anyone interested to learn mastery designs.

Remarks & FAQ:Students who have taken EFA and IFA1 an advantage.